Our Generation – Youth

2016 Summer Youth Retreat

6th – 12th Grade : Wednesdays 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Our youth group is not typical.
We are not a program.
We are a group of young adults who love hanging out together, striving to go deeper in our walks with God, and seeking small ways to be light in the dark world we find ourselves growing up in. Being in the world but not of the world can be so much easier said than done, and we don’t want to waste the short time we’ve got here!  Perhaps there’s more to this YOLO thing than YouTube could ever realize…!!
Do we have food? You better believe it. Do we play games? Only fun ones! Do we have a blast together? Of course… but is this the reason we come? No! This is a place where we can come and be real with one another as we all walk through life, seek God’s face, and do our best to bring Him glory. It’s also a safe place with real people where you can share your struggles and tackle your failures. Join us for fellowship together and down-to-earth, real-life-applicable teaching and discussion from God’s word!

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