*All our adult teacher and assistants in our Sunday children’s environments have had a background check to ensure a high level of safety for your child. Secondarily, there are video cameras that monitor the infant through toddler areas for added accountability and safety of your children.

Children’s Ministry Desk

Infants- 5th Grade – 10a.m.-11:30am

Whether you are a first time visitor or member the first step towards receiving your children into any of the children’ s ministry environments is to check them in at the Children’s Ministry Desk when you arrive at the church property. At this desk your children will be given a name tag and the guardians are given a matching identification tag for pick up.
If your child is between infant and 3 years old you can immediately check them into their children environments as soon as you arrive. If your children are between Pre-K -5 grade, you will bring them into the Worship Gathering so that families can worship together through song as a family. Before the message, the parents are dismissed to take their children to the children’s ministry environments. If you are not sure where to go to take them, the Children’ s Ministry Desk can help you.
If you are a first time visitor plan on coming a little early to fill out registration information at the Children’s Ministry Desk. We collect this information for the security of you children in case there is an emergency or specific allergy your child has.
If you have any questions about checking in your children at the Children’s Ministry Desk contact the coordinator of this ministry Linda Grissom at 901-277-4400.


Infants – 2 Years Old – Sundays 10am – 11:30 am

Your nursery and toddler age children will experience the love of Christ firsthand from an incredible team of approved care-givers and assistants. We use a three-part nametag and a video-monitoring system to ensure your child’s safety and security.  Just check in at the Children’s Ministry Desk (to the left as you walk in the front door), and enjoy your time of fellowship and worship.  Relax – your baby is in good hands!
We’re happy to adhere to your schedule when it comes to feeding (we have a private area for breastfeeding in the nursery), changing, naps, etc.  Any other special instructions?  Just let us know!  We want to serve you by caring for your precious one just as you would.  Our gentle nursery workers genuinely look forward to seeing your child every week!
If you have any questions about this children’s environment please feel free to contact our SweetPeas Coordinator Reland Gates at relandrgates@gmail.com.


3 Year Old -Pre-K  10 a.m. – 11:30a.m

3 Year Old – Pre-K kids will experience the love of Christ firsthand from an incredible team of teachers and assistants.  We strive to not only have fun and develop precious relationships with kids the age, but to also begin to teach them Biblical stories and concepts using the Jesus Storybook Bible Curriculum (http://www.sallylloyd-jones. com/books/jesus-storybook- bible/curriculum-kit/).  The result, by God’s wonderful grace, is simply amazing.  It’s unbelievable at times how such little minds can learn and enjoy God’s Word!
If you have any questions about this children’s environment please feel free to contact our Sprouts Coordinator sherrybeaver84@gmail.com

Kidz Ministry

Kindergarten – 5th grade Dismissal from Worship Gathering – 11:30am

After the kids are dismissed from the Worship Gathering, your children will meet up with their friends and teacher for an engaging time of friendship, activity, and transformational learning. When you pick your child up they will have a take home sheet so you as a parent can know what they learned about and have something to do further disciple making at home with. If you have any questions about this children’s ministry environment please feel free to contact our Kidz Ministry Coordinator Cori Beach at 901-216-5015