COVID-19 Guidelines



This document outlines Sunday morning worship only and not other ministry building use during the week such as student ministry and groups that use the church property.
*We understand that not everybody will agree with what is being asked, but we as an elder team are trying to use the best wisdom, discernment, and care for our people in order to most safely gather face to face again. We’d rather be on the safer side of caution and get to meet more safely, than not have an option to meet at all.
*LiveStream and recordings of the service will continue for those in the high risk health category or for families with small children since there will not be a nursery or children’s ministry.

Social Distancing

We have spaced our seating in chair groups to be at least 6 feet apart so that you have the option of having social distancing during worship while still sitting with your family.

Face Mask/Covering

We will have extra face masks available upon arrival for anybody that would like to wear one, but wearing one is optional and not mandatory.

Open Doors

The front doors, auditorium doors, and bathroom door entrances will be open so that nobody has to touch any handles.