At CBC, we are dedicated to fulfilling Christ’s Great Commission – plain and simple! Our Missions Ministry promotes and supports the local church goals relative to cross-cultural evangelism, outreach, discipleship, and missions.

While the Board of Elders has direct oversight of all missionaries, the Missions Ministry team provides support and input relative to policy and budget. In addition, the team develops and educates the body regarding opportunities to become more involved: by strengthening interpersonal connections to our missionary staff; by leading or participating in short-term mission trips or local cross-cultural evangelism; by organizing and contributing to fund-raising projects; and by becoming more knowledgeable about global missions through local and regional classes and conferences. The Missions Ministry welcomes group members who are passionately involved in God’s plan to reach the ends of His earth. We serve as senders, as goers, and as prayers, and we want to enlarge your heart for God’s glory.

Casa Hogar de Niños

Rio Bravo Ministries Reynosa, Mexico

CBC sent a team to Reynosa in 1998, and ever since that first mission trip, we’ve had an extremely strong bond with the staff of Rio Bravo Ministries and the children of Casa Hogar de Niños. Headed by Ray and Leah Hansen, this beacon of light in the ever-dark border city of Reynosa has held a special place in our hearts as we’ve partnered with the Hansens and Rio Bravo staff for nearly 15 years now!
God blessed the Hansen’s ministry efforts in the early 90’s as the City of Reynosa miraculously donated land (the whole story really is amazing!) for their calling. The compound started out as little more than a dirt field with a fence around it, in the middle of the poverty stricken urban sprawl of Reynosa. The orphanage consisted of just 3 small open-air bunkhouses, a paved ball court, a kitchen, and the Hansen’s trailer home! We have sent a team every summer, and along with other supporters, we’ve poured a lot of sweat into the orphanage itself. Today it has grown so much that it’s hardly recognizable as the dirt lot that it once was. And many of the present day structures, infrastructure, and utilities at Casa Hogar de Niños were built by CBC hands! But our greatest joy has been seeing countless children (many of whom we know by name) grow over the years from hopeless orphans to men and women who love Christ and spread the Gospel passionately.
This mission opportunity has been an incredible blessing for CBC, and we are so humbled that the Lord has allowed us to be a part of His Rio Bravo plans!

Aletheia Banjara School

Global Banjara Baptist Ministries (GBBMI) Andhra Pradesh, India


srinivas The ties to GBBMI and the Aletheia Banjara School in India run very deep at CBC. Started in 2007, GBBMI is lead by a former CBC family, and God has used this organization in a powerful way! GBBMI partners with churches and individuals outside India to support evangelism and church planting, educational programs, HIV awareness programs and agricultural programs.

The Banjara are an unreached people group of almost 70 million worldwide. They are the ancestors of the European Gypsies, and 60 million live in India. The Banjara live mostly in rural areas, in small villages or “thandas.” Literacy is very low, and most never heard have the name of Jesus. Because they are poor and rural, they are an overlooked and neglected people. Through our partnership and support of GBBMI, CBC has sought to change this and shine the light of the Gospel throughout rural India. From sponsoring children monthly to crying out to God to send rain for the Banjara at times, this ministry has become a cornerstone of CBC missions.

Our Father has shown Himself to be faithful time and time again in India, and we are humbled to be a small part of these works and witnesses of His glory!
Srinivas was the first Banjara to come to Christ from the village of Gurrapu Thanda in Andrha Predesh, India. CBC has formed a hands-on partnership with Srinavas and his wife Sujatha and been integrally involved in helping with the construction and curriculum development for a school in Garrapu, micro-businesses for tent-maker/evangelists, and conferences for leadership development.

Gabor & Edina Gresz

Kansas City, Kansas

CRU (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ)
YTL Global Director and Strategic Innovations Director for City Ministries

Dorsey & Renee McIntosh

Austin, Texas

Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) working within Faculty Commons

Tom & Brenda Guffey

Greater Europe Missions Bourg d’Oisons, France

Tom is the director of a Christian camp with the Greater Europe Missions.


Vladimir & Yulia Mitnitsky

Jews For Jesus

Vladimir was born in the Ukraine and came to faith in Jesus at the age of twenty after he read prophecies about the Messiah in the Old Testament. He felt God’s calling to do evangelism to his Jewish people. He joined Jews for Jesus as a full-time missionary in 2009.

Mike & Kris Reed


Mike and Kris Reed are our missionaries with Awana International.