Journey Groups

Journey Groups are designed to be the next step of discipleship at CBC. We call this process “Life On Life Missional Discipleship.”  In LOLMD, the goal is for men to disciple men and women to disciple women in becoming effective disciple-makers themselves. This is a long-term relationship process that generally takes anywhere from one to three years.
Our hope is that you get connected relationally through participation in the Worship Gatherings on Sunday mornings, Life Groups, Study Groups, church fellowships, and other various CBC ministries. From these relationships, we want to go even deeper in discipleship with you. As you involve yourself in these ministries our hope is that you meet one of many disciple-makers that could walk with you. The goal of this process is that in a few years, you would be mentored and lead in a way that you can do the same thing with your own disciples in the future, and carry on the cycle of the Great Commission.