Study Groups

CBC Study Groups happen Sunday morning before the morning Worship Gathering. The focus of Study Groups is more linear and learning based than one of our Life Groups. But of course you will still be able to fellowship and make new friends through a Study Group.  Currently there are three different Study Groups that you can participate in on a Sunday morning:
  • Verse By Verse – This group studies through a chosen book of the Bible verse by verse. It is open to men and women of any age.
  • Men’s Study – Wanting an opportunity to have some focused study on topics relevant to men? This would be a great place to be. These guys encourage each other to be the churchmen, husbands, and fathers that the gospel has called men to be.
  • Ladies Study – This is a great place for women to connect with other women and to study growing into women of grace as a result of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ..